Terms & Conditions

1. The guest shall be entitled to occupy the property for holiday purposes only and this agreement shall not confer on the guest any security of tenure within the terms of the Housing Act 1988 pursuant to which the occupation shall be deemed to be by way of an excluded tenancy.

2. Groups

2.1 unless expressly agreed in advance by the owner, no group bookings (four or more adult party members) are accepted where all party members are under 25 years of age.

2.2 the owners reserve the right to refuse access to the property without compensation where no agreement has been given in advance . The guests’ right to occupy the property may be forfeited without compensation, or an additional charged levied, if: (a) more people or guests than specified on the booking and/or the number the property holds, attempt to take up occupation; (b) overnight guests are entertained without the owners’ express permission; (c) any activity is undertaken which may cause unreasonable damage, noise or disturbance.

3. The guest will:

3.1 keep the interior of the property in a good, clean condition and not damage or injure the property or any part of it.

3.2 yield up the property at the end of the term in the same clean state and condition it was in at the beginning of the term reasonable wear and tear and damage by insured risks excepted.

3.3 not do or omit to do anything on or at the property which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to any other occupiers of the property or owners or occupiers of adjoining or nearby premises or which may in any way prejudice the insurance of the property or cause an increase in the premium payable therefor.

3.4 not use or occupy the property in any way whatsoever other than as a private holiday residence for a maximum of 8 persons.

3.5 allow the landlord or anyone with the landlord’s written permission to enter the property at reasonable times of the day to inspect its condition and state of repair, and carry out any necessary repairs and gas inspections, provided the landlord has given reasonable prior notice (except in emergency).

4. Subject to the guest paying the rent and performing his/her obligations under this agreement the guest may peaceably hold and enjoy the property during the term without interruption from the landlord or any person rightfully claiming under or in trust for the landlord.

5. The property (the Cedar House, the Beach Hut and all fixtures and fittings) are used at your own risk. Special care must be taken by guests with the elevated terraces and decks which are used at your own risk. Parents should ensure that their children are supervised in such areas at all times.

6. The landlord will insure the property and the contents of the property which belong the landlord, and make a copy of the insurance policy available to the guest.

7. In the event of a breach of the guest’s obligations under this agreement then the landlord may recover possession of the property and this rental agreement shall thereupon end but without prejudice to any of the owners’ other rights and remedies in respect of any outstanding obligations on the part of the guest. This clause does not affect the guest’s statutory rights.

8. If for any reason beyond the owners’ control the property is not available on the date booked (owing to fire damage for example), all rent and charges paid in advance by the guests will be refunded in full, but the guests shall have no further claim against the owners.

9. Bookings and cancellation

9.1 bookings are confirmed once a first non-refundable instalment of 30% is paid. The balance of the rent is payable one month before arrival.

9.2 cancellations more than one month before arrival will have any rent over the initial 30% instalment, and the damage deposit, refunded.

9.3 cancellations within a month of arrival will forfeit all rent paid, just the damage deposit will be refunded.

10. The refundable deposit

10.1 a deposit will be held by the owner to be refunded to the guest within 14 days of departure less any reasonable deductions properly made by the landlord to cover any reasonable costs incurred or losses caused to him.

10.2 the deposit is not applied toward rent.

10.3. the deposit will be fully refundable within 14 days of departure, provided :

  • no damage is done to property or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear;
  • no charges are incurred due to illegal activity, pets or collection of rents or services rendered during the stay;
  • all debris, rubbish and discards are placed in rubbish bin, and soiled dishes are placed in the dishwasher and cleaned;
  • the properties (The Cedar House and the Beach Hut) are locked and all keys are left and locked in the key safe;
  • all charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure;
  • no fixtures, fittings or contents (including linens) are lost or damaged;
  • the guest is not evicted by the owner (or representative of the owner) or the local law enforcement.

10.4 the value of any damage or loss will be recovered from the damage deposit.

10.5 any evidence of dogs or other animals in the house or garden will result in a total forfeit of the deposit.

10.6 any evidence of smoking in the house will result in a total forfeit of the deposit.

10.7 no interest will be payable to the guest in respect of the deposit money.